So what is Personal Fitness Training?

Quite simply, a Personal Trainer can help you to improve your own present level of health and fitness, whether you are already quite fit or just starting out on the journey. As your Personal Trainer, I am available to provide you with guidance at all stages through a programme which we develop together and which is specifically geared to meet your particular needs and fitness goals. **

Why would I want a Personal Trainer?

There are many situations where an analysis of your level of fitness, together with a discussion about your fitness goals and a review of the alternatives, can be a real help in getting you motivated and moving in the right direction.

For instance:

  • "I would like to lose some weight and tone my upper body"

  • "I don't exercise much, but really want to do the London Marathon next year"

  • "I'd like to go on a walking holiday with my grand children next summer"

  • "I work out in the gym three times a week but haven't improved in the last six months what's wrong?"

  • "I want to be able to walk to the shops without getting out of breath"


So how does it work?

First, we establish what you want to achieve, and then build an exercise programme together, which is personalised to your needs, and which emphasises the kinds of sports or exercises which most appeal to you. In this way we can ensure that you will look forward to exercising and, seeing steady results, will be motivated to keep on track. The programme you end up doing should be effective, it should be safe, and it certainly should be fun!

Ok, when do we start?

What are you waiting for! Just see if you are in the areas covered by me, if so contact me for more details and for your complimentary initial session.




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** Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person